La Scala strengthens itself with Lex ER

La Scala continues its expansion strategy by consolidating its presence nationally.

La Scala, with headquarters in Milan and offices in Rome, Turin, Bologna, Vicenza, Padua, Florence, Ancona and Venice, has launched a strategic partnership with LEX.ER, a firm originated from the union between the law firm Benetti and the law firm Mariani-Marazzi-Vincenzi, both historically from Carpi. The partnership aims to strengthen the presence of La Scala in Emilia Romagna while at the same time allowing the expansion of LEX.ER's offer of legal services, whose practitioners have established experience in a densely populated sector of small and medium-sized businesses requiring special assistance with extraordinary transactions and corporate commercial law. The partnership contemplates the two law firms sharing resources, structure and expertise, also supported by the head office of Studio La Scala in Bologna, the location of reference for the partnership with LEX.ER

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